Our Mission

Our sole purpose is to take charge of your claim, negotiate with your insurance carrier, and recover your losses to the fullest extent. Serving you honestly, efficiently, and with traditional, time-honored values, we manage risk and limit litigation by professionally packaging your insurance claim to reach a settlement that satisfies you.

As specialists in today’s complex insurance claims arena, our negotiations and settlement results are second to none.

Our Commitment

Since 1990 we have represented commercial and homeowner policyholders exclusively. We have negotiated satisfactory settlements for all kinds of loss and destruction, including that caused by fire, wind, sinkholes, tornadoes, hurricanes, construction defects, floods, hail, and water.

Our commitment to you is to focus our negotiatory skills and expertise in claims presentation to recover the policy benefits to which you are entitled. We know how to read the fine print.

Some retain us due to complexities of the claims process and others lack the time to compile and document the claim adequately. There are those that want to separate themselves from the stress and confusion to a third party. We are your intermediary that understands the process and procedure. Vetting your questions, answering to the insurance company and keeping focus on the claim is our business.

There is not a claim situation that this firm has not handled. Between the founder and present date we want to assist those that actually need us. Not everyone or every claim has the need to engage a public adjuster or attorney. We are your resource to review, explain, guide and answer questions before you hire anyone. It’s your decision when a professional is needed on your side.

Most assume the claim’s process will be straightforward. There are those that are the “Do it ourselves types”. The preparation of a property claim is commonly overlooked or misunderstood. There are many property claim issues that can slow down, under value and adversely affect the claim recovery process. Generally the battle of opinions and assumptions consumes the parties to the claim. Recommended repairs by the carrier that are not guaranteed or methods of repairs do not meet your standards. Insured’s/Policyholders cannot afford to risk such issues.

The level of detail required to document a property claim is unparalleled to anything you have ever experienced. It is not the insurance company’s job to provide assistance, direction, or prove your claims’ value. The insurance company will provide you their opinion through their adjuster or service provider (contractor). Most insured’s think that gathering invoices, quotes and estimates suffices. Unfortunately, this is not the case as an insurance claim demands much more detail and will be reviewed intently by the carrier. Claims that lack the proper documentation are likely to be unvalued or go unpaid.