On behalf of the entire Tequesta Hills Condo Association and the Board of Directors, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you both for your unyielding faith in our claim. Your constant communication and strong negotiating skills provided us with an unexpected outcome that would have been impossible without you.

Weidman President, Tequesta Hills Condo Association, Miami, FL Miami, FL January 21, 2016

Dr. and Councilwoman Zimmern

“Your help, support and guidance throughout the process of obtaining a fair and just offer of payment for our claim was immeasurable. Having you as our advocate was such a source of comfort in a very stressful situation. Your attention to detail made a huge difference in OUR monetary recovery from State Farm Insurance Company.

Additionally, your prompt response to any communication was so reassuring. Your staff and support team were always so professional and helpful; we never once worried that our messages were falling on deaf ears!

Patrick, we will NEVER forget the exceptional professionalism exhibited, by you, during the third inspection with the State Farm Adjuster. He was as close to rude as we have ever seen. You handled a rather uncomfortable (and emotional) situation with the utmost tact and decorum. Obviously, your smoothing words and keen insight worked; you doubled the original offer made to us by State Farm!”

Dr. and Councilwoman Zimmern Gulf Breeze, FL May 23, 2015


“I don't even want to think what results I would have had had I not had the good fortune of hiring you. As aggravating as it is to find out you have a sinkhole on your property and to have to deal with an insurance company, you made the process a great deal easier.

I recently spoke with a woman in my subdivision that hired an attorney to handle her sinkhole claim with the same insurance company as mine. It not only took three times longer to finalize, but her fees and costs were much greater than mine.”

Durie May 23, 2015

Dr. and Councilwoman Zimmern

“Your professionalism and guidance was such a source of comfort to us during the rebuilding process. Your dedication and protection of our assets will be greatly appreciated for many years to follow…You were such a ray of sunshine in a rather dark period. The service you provide is such a gift, thank you again for all your help. “

Dr. and Councilwoman Zimmern Gulf Breeze, FL May 23, 2015


The professionalism & expertise provided from all of you to our family has truly been instrumental in the our lives. For that, we will forever be grateful.

Piazza Springhill, FL January 21, 2016

The Alvarez Family

When I originally began looking for an insurance consultant to handle our claim, I was drawn to NAIC due to your years of experience and local knowledge; it was the correct selection. Without your efforts my family would not have benefitted as well.

The Alvarez Family Lutz, Florida January 21, 2016


“My words cannot adequately reflect how pleased I am with the results you obtained for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would strongly recommend you and your company to anyone interested in securing a fair and just recovery of their losses under the provisions of their insurance policy.”

Shultz Lutz, FL January 21, 2016


I just wanted to send a little note with a great BIG thank you for all that you both did for me. May God richly bless you for your professionalism, expertise, and kindness during the past 17 months. Your help in answering my questions and keep me abreast of everything were exemplary.

Wright Dade City , Florida January 21, 2016

Dr. Leeber

"Thanks for all your help. Construction is now underway - soon we will be back to normal."

Dr. Leeber Cumberland Foreside, ME May 23, 2015

Hackel, Executive Director

“Mr. Garrett's firm, North American Insurance Consultants, Inc., had the resources, reputation, enormous amount of detail, and professionalism to properly evaluate our claims. His comprehensive reports and persistent negotiating skills obtained our cultural center excellent insurance settlements. Without his involvement we would have never accomplished such just and equitable proceeds to restore our facility. We would not have known where to begin in separating the damages or have knowledge of our entitlements.

Our involvement was limited since Mr. Garrett's firm orchestrated the entire claim process. This allowed us to focus on our employees and daily functions that so many depend upon here in the Pensacola Area.

Having someone with such a command in insurance claims and knowledge in construction that worked for our best interest was exemplary. Without question we recommend Mr. Garrett's firm as the people's representative.”

Hackel Executive Director December 20, 2015