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 Today’s Losses warrant thinking outside the box!

Every loss is not the same; even engineers will agree. Mother nature’s wrath coupled with your specific building’s construction/location/age, etc. equals an unapparelled equation that must be unraveled for a reasonable solution.

Recently we were engaged by a large condominium association with over 90 buildings; 70 plus acres of exposure. To assist in better understanding the impact of windstorm NAIC, Inc. incorporated Drone technology to complement our visual inspections and provide another perspective of this claim.

Nothing beats boots on the ground as the best approach in investigating a loss.

A second review doesn’t cost you anything. No Recovery, No Fee.


NAIC provides that personal touch whether we are:

  • Your public adjuster,
  • Appraiser for the disputed claim, or
  • Hired as litigation experts.


  • We effectively: 
    • Estimate your loss
    • Personally investigate your property
    • Document your concerns
    • Scheduling
    • Correspondence
    • Manage your claim
    • Access to Experts
    • Negotiate a Final Settlement
  • When in doubt:
    • Contact us at 877-467-5677 or

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