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Hurricane season started on June 1st and will run through November 30th. That means that we are currently in the peak of the season. This is a critical time to ensure that we are prepared for the worst.

It is easy to feel that we may not be affected by these severe storms, but the reality is that you never know what can happen. Year after year the trends are continually moving upwards in frequency and strength of both tropical storms and hurricanes. In fact, from May to August the NOAA announced an increased number of named storms in the Atlantic during hurricane season.

However, if we take precaution and prepare ahead of time it is easier to rest assured that no matter the strength of the storm you and your family can come back even stronger when it’s finished. That is why all of us at Garrett Claims Group have put together a list of items we recommend you pack in your emergency storm kit!

Here is our list:

  1. Portable Electricity Source

With tropical storms bringing in strong winds that range from speeds of 37 MPH up to 72 MPH and hurricanes with speeds up to 215 MPH, there is a high chance that objects will be picked up and thrown around. Sometimes objects will hit power lines and cut sources of electricity. Most of the time when power goes out during a storm the personnel that can fix these outages can’t get to work until the storm is over. In the event of this happening we recommend that you are prepared by having portable external batteries, phone chargers, and even a battery or crank-powered just in case phone towers go down as well.

  1. Filtered Water

Widespread power outages heighten the chance of water supplies being compromised. This means that our normal sources of staying hydrated are no longer accessible. When you and your family are stuck with zero electricity and Florida’s humidity, water is even more essential than normal. Garrett Claims Group suggests that before a storm hits, you stock up on a gallon of water for every person in your family, including a gallon per each of your pets.

  1. Hygiene and Sanitizing Products

In the case that you and your family are displaced for a day or more and must find comfort in a storm shelter or friend’s home it is important that your emergency storm kit includes basic hygiene products. We recommend including soaps, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and any other items you may find your family needing.

  1. Medications

Even if you and your family are not prescribed medication for daily use, we recommend having basic medication that can be of use if you are displaced for any amount of time. Items such as pain relief, fever relief, and allergy medication could all be useful. Of course, if you are prescribed medication from a doctor it is paramount that you include this in your emergency storm kit to avoid any complications.

  1. Identification and Documentation

You never know how long it will take for storms to be cleaned up after they hit. For this reason, we suggest packing important documents to have with you so that you are prepared if you need them for any reason. Documents could include but are not limited to passports, social security cards, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and medical cards.

  1. Cash

It may not be something many of us are used to having around anymore but during power outages it could be your only option for purchasing items you need. We suggest bringing enough cash to last you at least three days without power and the ability to use credit cards.


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