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The well being, safety and health of everyone impacted by this devastating hurricane has our prayers.

This is a catastrophic event that will resonate with all of us for a lifetime. Living along the Gulf Coast is a risk we take, the beautiful landscape has that minute chance of turning on us.

Those impacted are under a lot of pressure and stress just trying to maintain normalcy. Keep focused on your needs, family, friends, community, jobs, and/or business; that is always priority. Insurance claims are construction are secondary.

Property Damages and the insurance claim process is not going anywhere! The damage is done, and you have insurance; nothing to worry about. If you need us to advocate for you, please contact us. Engage my firm in the beginning to protect your interest and present your claim.

Tips to address your property damages:

  • Locate your policy and File your claim:
    • Agent Notification or,
    • Insurance Company Directly
  • Be careful who you hire:
    • Not all companies are looking out for your best interest
  • Do not sign contracts under duress:
    • if the Insurance Company has not seen it, we suggest waiting
    • Have a question, Contact Us
  • Mitigate and Protect your property :
    • To the best of your care, custody, and control
  • Collect and Protect your valuables
  • Request Advances
    • Additional Living Expenses( Temporary housing, food, and medical needs)
    • Personal Property (Clothes, furniture, and toiletries)


  • It is your obligation to: 
    • Report your claim
    • Protect the property from further damages
    • Prove your claim
    • Know your rights and duties
  • When in doubt:
    • Contact us at 877-467-5677 or

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