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Be in control…Signing paperwork could be devastating to your recovery…

Beware! There will be tons of unlicensed people claiming to be consultants, appraiser’s and damage evaluators. Only licensed Public Adjusters and Attorneys can represent policyholders! Remember there is way more to a claim than writing an estimate!!

We suggest not making decisions or signing contracts under duress. Make temporary repairs and protect your property from further damages. Then evaluate what to do and whom to hire.

Let us take the wheel to manage your claim and be your insurance claim resource. We like to think that everyone can benefit from our services, but the fact is our firm’s philosophy is for you to obtain the benefits you deserve. No more, no less.

When damages occur we suggest the following:

  • Claim Notification:
    • Contact both your insurance Company and Agent
    • Contact us ( or  877-467-5677)
  • Claim Investigation – On your behalf we:
    • Meet and provide access to insurance company representatives
    • Respond to correspondence and requests
    • Determine claim values and scope of repairs
    • Provide accurate, detailed damage reports
    • Procure and provide access to experts
    • Provide support in alternative dispute resolutions (Mediation & Appraisal)
  • Claim Presentation- We are licensed to:
    • Provide the insurance company your insurance claim and Proof of Loss
    • Identify policy benefits and discuss disputed issues
    • Negotiate a fair and justifiable settlement
  • Protect Property and Temporary Repairs :
    • Hire contractors for emergency services
    • Preserve the damages and mitigate; make temporary repairs
  • Documentation:
    • Insurance Policy
    • Photographs
    • Receipts


  • It is your obligation to: 
    • Report your claim
    • Protect the property from further damages
    • Prove your claim
    • Know your rights and duties
  • When in doubt:
    • Contact us at 877-467-5677 or

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