B. Reeves & B. Weintritt
Moonspinner Condominiums

“Finally, our claim has been paid by the insurance company, and our business with you and your regarding our Hurricane Michael insurance claim is complete. So, we wanted to recap our experience, company and reiterate our thanks to you and your team for your work on behalf of the Moonspinner Condominiums.

When Category 5 Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle on October 10, 2018, there was damage to the Moonspinner buildings and property. The more we checked, the more damage was significant evident. It became apparent that we did not have the manpower or the expertise to make a soon insurance claim for our damage; and with the insurance carrier initially stating a laughable comprehensive damage estimate, our decision was to turn to you and your team to handle our claim.

After the initial claim was made to the insurer in early 2019, the insurer did all possible to delay the claim repeated requests for information and delay, delay, delay. You (personally) and your team were constantly with on top of the situation furnishing timely answers, as well as keeping us informed. As provided for in the eventually the claim was settled through the selection (in early 2021) and use of Appraisers and Umpire policy, as demanded by you; and the claim was finally settled and paid in early 2022.

Throughout this long process, you and your team were on top of the issues at every turn, and you personally at every meeting with us along the way. Our selection of you and your team was the right were decision. Thanks again for your help with our Hurricane Michael claim. There is no question that we received a better settlement with your assistance that we could have achieved on our efforts alone. We would much call on you again in a similar circumstance, and would recommend you to others with a similar insurance certainly claim situation.”