About the Garrett Claims Group

Every piece of property lost or damaged must be accounted for and researched for replacement cost and actual cash value. In that we excel.


As your private adjusters, we consider visiting the loss site a prerequisite – and with our understanding of insurance policies, terms, conditions, and exclusions, as well as our extensive construction knowledge and experience in the field – we thoroughly inventory the damage with descriptions, photographs, and testimony. This ensures that all damage and loss is documented.

Following established standards, we confirm your policy coverage, note any limitations and endorsements, then document the claim carefully and accurately, so that when your insurance carrier examines it, a professional presentation exists that proves your claim. The burdens of documentation, scheduling, and claim negotiations are left to us.

We cover all aspects of your loss, orchestrate your entire claim with utmost detail, and represent you throughout the entire claim process (including mediation, litigation and appraisal, when necessary) with the expertise and determination required to provide satisfactory claim settlements. Our personalized service answers all your loss questions, including those you didn’t know to ask.

There is not a claim situation that this firm has not handled. Between the founder and present date we want to assist those that actually need us. Not everyone or every claim has the need to engage a public adjuster or attorney. We are your resource to review, explain, guide and answer questions before you hire anyone. It’s your decision when a professional is needed on your side.

Our Mission

Our sole purpose is to take charge of your claim, negotiate with your insurance carrier, and recover your losses to the fullest extent. Serving you honestly, efficiently, and with traditional, time-honored values, we manage risk and limit litigation by professionally packaging your insurance claim to reach a settlement that satisfies you.

As specialists in today’s complex insurance claims arena, our negotiations and settlement results are second to none.

Our Commitment

Since 1990 we have represented commercial and homeowner policyholders exclusively. We have negotiated satisfactory settlements for all kinds of loss and destruction, including that caused by fire, wind, sinkholes, tornadoes, hurricanes, construction defects, floods, hail, and water.

Our commitment to you is to focus our negotiatory skills and expertise in claims presentation to recover the policy benefits to which you are entitled. We know how to read the fine print.

How we are involved:

We are your intermediary that understands the process and procedure. Vetting your questions, answering to the insurance company and keeping focus on the claim is our business.

Our Team

Our clients retain the Garrett Claims Group due to complexities of the claims process and others lack the time to compile and document the claim adequately. Other want to separate themselves from the stress and confusion to a third party. Our experienced team can handle all of our clients needs.

Patrick H. Garrett
SPPA, AIC, General Contractor

Patrick H. Garrett began his career working alongside his father within the insurance restoration industry. His father owned a construction company that worked exclusively for insurance companies.

  • Over thirty- five years experience within the construction and insurance industries
  • Managed insurance claims for losses due to:
    • Windstorms
    • Floods
    • Sinkholes
    • Water
    • Collapse
    • Fire
    • Vehicle vs. Building
    • Personal Property Inventories
    • Business Interruption
    • Rental Income
    • Additional Living Expenses
  • Assisted in Third-Party Claims regarding Construction Defect and First-Party Litigation Construction & Damage Consultant
  • Managed claims against insurers that include the following natural disasters:
    • Hurricane Sally (2020)
    • Hurricane Michael (2018)
    • Hurricane Irma (2017)
    • Hurricane Nate (2017)
    • Hurricane Matthew (2016)
    • Hurricane Hermine (2016)
    • Hurricane Dennis (2005)
    • Hurricane Katrina (2005)
    • Hurricane Wilma (2005)
    • Hurricane Charley (2004)
    • Hurricane Francis (2004)
    • Hurricane Ivan (2004)
    • Hurricane Jeanne (2004)
    • Hurricane Floyd (2000)
    • Hurricane Irene (1999)
    • Hurricane Georges – Florida and Alabama (1998)
    • Hurricane Danny – Florida and Alabama (1997)
    • Hurricane Josephine (1996)
    • Hurricane Erin (1995)
    • Hurricane Opal (1995)

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Mass Communications
1994 University of South Florida

  • 1995 – Present President, Garrett Claims Group, Tampa, Florida
  • 1998 – Present Appointed Insurance Appraiser
  • 1998 – Present Civil-court expert witness
  • 1995 – 1982 Construction Industry Florida
  • Windstorm Insurance Conference – Windstorm Insurance Network, Inc. – 1999-Present
  • Windstorm Insurance Conference – Windstorm Insurance Network, Inc. – Speaker 2003
  • Windstorm Insurance Conference – Windstorm Insurance Network, Inc. – Umpire Certification 2012
  • Windstorm Insurance Conference – Windstorm Insurance Network, Inc. – Appraiser Certification 2014
  • Certified insurance Counselors – Commercial Casualty 2000
  • National Flood Insurance Program – CCI and General Flood Approved
  • Florida Windstorm Certification Program – 2000
  • CLE International, – Speaker 2002
  • Cam-Tech School of Construction – 2004 CE
  • Florida Contractor’ School – 2006-present CE
  • BOMA of Tampa Bay – Speaker 2007
  • Certified General Contractor – Florida 1504657 – 2002
  • Senior Professional Public Adjuster (SPPA) – The Insurance Institute of America – 2013
  • Associate in Claims (AIC) – The Insurance Institutes of America – 2004
  • State of Florida All-Lines) – Public Adjuster A093884, 1995-Present
  • Additional states licensed to practice:
    Georgia , South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Jersey & New York
  • Tampa Tribune, – August 2005
  • Florida Community Association Journal, – July 2007
  • News media interviews

Managing his first loss at eighteen, Mr. Garrett has worked within all facets of the construction industry. Coupled with the tutelage of his father and combined with his experience, representation of policyholders is in its second generation. He has represented clients during every natural disaster to affect Florida’s coast since 1995. Licensed within nine coastal states, Garrett Claims Group, has the exceptional ability and talents to resolve first-party losses as well as assist in third-party issues. Mr. Garrett has earned the highest certification of contracting within the State of Florida General Contractor, achieved the distinguished, designation of Senior Professional Public Adjuster (SPPA) and the Associate in Claims (AIC) from The Insurance Institutes of America.

Additionally, he has served as guest speaker for the Windstorm Insurance Network, CLE International, CAl’s Suncoast Chapter, and other associations. He has served on the board and is a founding member of his state organization, FAPIA, and longtime member of the national organization (NAPIA). As a fifth generation Floridian, Mr. Garrett understands the dynamics of this state’s insurance industry and the events affecting our properties. Garrett Claims Group was incorporated in 1990 to assist those professionals and property exposures with claims adjusting. In addition to Florida, Garrett Claims Group also extends its services to other states – Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Jersey and New York.

James A. Garrett
Public Adjuster & Appraiser

Mr. Garrett has been a licensed insurance professional for over 20 years and adjusting with the firm for 16 years. He has extensive knowledge in all claim types versed in construction management and estimating. He excels in not only his craft, but also in client relationships. His extensive background and experience provides clients with the results they deserve.

Mary Ware
Public Adjuster

Mrs. Ware joined the Garrett Claims Group over 18 years ago. She has oversight of all claims for the firm. Her methodical and detailed approach to each file promotes a smooth process for each client. This skill set of client and carrier relationships makes the difference in successful claims handling and reputation.

Kendra Parry Williams
Accounting & Public Adjuster

Mrs. Williams has worked for the firm for 10 years and earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the University of South Florida. She has oversight of the firm’s daily operations and accounting. Her proven skills in the field along with coordinating and scheduling large loss inspections is coupled with being an inventory specialist which is a great asset to the firm.

Gwen Garrett
Claims Assistant

Ms. Garrett brings 25 years of experience as an executive legal assistant to Garrett Claims Group. Her analysis of client files, organization and scheduling bring efficiency to the entire GCG team.


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