As your private adjusters, we consider visiting the loss site a prerequisite – and with our understanding of insurance policies, terms, conditions, and exclusions, as well as our extensive construction knowledge and experience in the field – we thoroughly inventory the damage with descriptions, photographs, and testimony. This ensures that all damage and loss is documented. Every piece of property lost or damaged must be accounted for and researched for replacement cost and actual cash value. In that we excel.

Following established standards, we confirm your policy coverage, note any limitations and endorsements, then document the claim carefully and accurately, so that when your insurance carrier examines it, a professional presentation exists that proves your claim. The burdens of documentation, scheduling, and claim negotiations are left to us.

We cover all aspects of your loss, orchestrate your entire claim with utmost detail, and represent you throughout the entire claim process (including mediation, litigation and appraisal, when necessary) with the expertise and determination required to provide satisfactory claim settlements. Our personalized service answers all your loss questions, including those you didn’t know to ask.

The professionalism & expertise provided from all of you to our family has truly been instrumental in the our lives. For that, we will forever be grateful.

Piazza Springhill, FL January 21, 2016

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