Multi-Family Claims

Multifamily properties include Condominium Associations, Townhome Associations and Apartment Complexes. Extrapolating, identifying and notifying the liable parities is a daunting task.

Let us establish and defend your insurance claim

Resourcefulness, efficiency and continued communication with owners/management company is paramount

Garrett Claims Group takes care of extrapolating, identifying and notifying the liable parties so you don’t have to.

We orchestrate the many pieces so you don’t have to

Understanding the fiduciary responsibilities of an association coupled with the knowledge to orchestrate all the experts, carrier and insured, and the occupant’s dynamics can be very challenging. Board members create a vetting process through our services and expertise.

Multi-Family firm's past claims include:


Common residential claims questions

Replacement Cost Value (RCV) means replacing with materials of like kind and quality.

Actual Cash Value (ACV) is defined as replacement cost less depreciation.

Depreciation means a loss of value due to wear, deterioration, or obsolescence.

Additional Living Expenses (ALE) / Loss of Use is defined as expenses that would not have occurred had the loss not taken place. These are expenses over and above the normal expenses.

Total Loss is a loss that completely destroys or renders useless the insured property or completely exhausts the applicable insurance limit.

Direct Physical Loss – resulting immediately and proximately from the occurrence and not remotely from some other consequences or effects thereof.

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