I’ve got an estimate, so I’m good, right?

Pat Garrett |

 October 30, 2021

Writing an estimate is just one step in the claims process. Today’s technology has made everyone an acclaimed “expert”, but let’s really focus on the substantive issue – your property and recovery. Navigating the entire claims process takes skill, knowledge, professionalism and proper licensure.

The claims process is very complex. If claimants endeavor to handle the claim process themselves, they need an understanding the dynamics of each particular claim and how to address and present the issues from start to finish.

This is how Garrett Claims Group works for you:

  • Insurance Policy – No Problem, we got you covered!
    • What is Covered v. Not Covered?
      • Let us help you determine how it happened and the chain of events.
    • Conditions and Provisions?
      • We identity your duties v. the insurance company’s
  • Correspondence – we communicate with the insurance company on your behalf.
    • Are you going to take the time to document every aspect of your claim?
      • We are licensed and know the terms to properly communicate with your insurance company.
  • Site Inspections and Experts – Our Firm’s Wheelhouse!
    • Who is going to coordinate and provide access for the entire investigation process?
    • Who is going to respond or assist with all the insurance company’s questions?
  • Loss Presentation and Negotiation – We Excel!
    • Valuation is very important, but the ability to professionally develop, substantiate and present a claim takes a seasoned professional.
    • Understanding your loss settlement options.

We want you to be prepared following any claim event.  Garrett Claims Group offers Pre-Loss Inspections and policy review at no charge or obligation. Contact us today with any comments or questions.