Who is advocating for you?

Pat Garrett |

 September 27, 2021

It is not your insurance company’s responsibility to prove your damages for you. This is a common misconception; we’ve watched too many people fall victim to an insufficient claim resolution.

You need to understand:

  • the deductibles,
  • the depreciation, and;
  • the replacement costs.

Direct physical loss to your property is pretty broad.  Accepting a check that was just popped in the mail may be is detrimental to your resolution.

Clients that use a public adjuster get results; they get the money needed for repairs. Garrett Claims Group works to ensure you are properly paid for the entire loss and damages.

As licensed public adjusters we will investigate, identify, and provide estimate claim reports. Some find it more beneficial overall to hire an attorney or public adjuster for a more streamline process.

No Recovery, No Fee. Lets meet to review your claim. 

Garrett Claims Group is here to help! We effectively:

  • Estimate your loss
  • Personally, investigate your property
  • Document your concerns
  • Scheduling
  • Correspondence
  • Manage your claim
  • Have access to Experts and
  • Negotiate a Final Settlement