You got a check from your insurance company, but is it correct?

Pat Garrett |

 December 4, 2020

Many insureds are receiving payments from their insurance carriers in the wake of 2020’s overly active hurricane season. That’s a good thing. It is no secret that the insurance industry’s resources are thin as a result of multiple hurricanes this year. They have sent field adjusters from near and far to assist in paying for your damages.

Since not all properties are the same, neither are the damage values. But, for purposes of speed and efficiency, many insurance carriers tend to treat properties as though they are the same. If you are unsure whether the amount you were paid by your insurance company to compensate your loss is enough to make you whole again, you should know that you have options.

Garrett Claims Group is able to re-open your claim and review the finite details in the event you are unsure whether the amount your insurance company gave you is correct.


  • We effectively: 
    • Estimate your loss
    • Personally investigate your property
    • Document your concerns
    • Scheduling
    • Correspondence
    • Manage your claim
    • Access to Experts
    • Negotiate a Final Settlement
  • When in doubt: