Be in control of your Claim!

Pat Garrett |

 December 16, 2020

DIY Insurance Claim…what not to do

Often, property owners contact us after the they receive an unsatisfactory check from their insurance carrier. That’s not always a bad thing, but for the most part it’s a mess on top of an existing mess.  The insurance company may have their service providers contacting you, or you may get contacted via direct solicitation, whether it be a restoration contractor, roofer, water mitigation company or the alike.  Make sure you evaluate who you hire and the costs you incur.

We have have seen an alarming increase in service providers swooping in while policyholders are under duress. They want help to stop the damages and do the right thing, but so often a contract is signed, some work begins, and then you’re wondering how much will the carrier pay for the damages.

Here enters the problem:  you want to be paid for the damages, not give your policy benefits and insurance proceeds to others or incur expenses that were unnecessary. It’s your policy and you should not entrust or rely upon unlicensed individuals to assist in the insurance claim process!

If you want to be in control of your insurance claim and receive payments for the damages, then be very careful what you sign. It’s also important to know your obligations, when entering into contracts.  Contractors are to construct and rebuild, they are not licensed or in the business of insurance claims filing, negotiation, or settlements.

If you contact Garrett Claims Group immediately after you experience a clam, you can ensure your interests are protected and allow us to present your claim. If you want more information or wish to discuss further, please contact us.

How to proceed after a loss:

  • Notify your Agent/Carrier:
    • Inquire as to your specific duties and have them send it to you in writing
      • Request an Electronic copy of your policy
    • Take photographs and videos
    • Only Hire contractors to Mitigate the Damages and Emergency Services
      • Restoration cannot happen until the loss is investigated and agreed to
  • Notify Us:
    • We are available 7 days a week and will respond to you immediately
      • Email:
      • Text: 813.363.2271
      • Voice Mail: Toll Free- 877.467.5677
    • Send to Garrett Claims Group:
      • Insurance Declarations Page
      • Loss Address and Contact Information
  • Claim Investigation – on your behalf we:
    • Investigate the loss with the insurance company
    • Communicate directly with your insurance company
    • Identify policy benefits and present your claim
    • Negotiate a fair and justifiable settlement

Remember to always…

  • Keep an updated Insurance Policy;
  • Report claims within a reasonable time frame;
  • Protect your property & Retain all receipts;
  • Take plenty of photographs (Pre-Loss & Post-Loss);
  • Do not sign contracts under Duress or if you’re unsure of its terms; and
  • We are here for you!